Simple Things You Can Do Every Day to Improve Battle Creek

Battle Creek is a beautiful city! We have great parks, wonderful trails, and a booming downtown. We’re proud of our welcoming community, and we want to make everyone feel appreciated. That isn’t a one-person job, and it doesn’t happen overnight, either. We need everyone in our community to work together to make our city a fantastic place to live, work, and play.

Not sure how to get started? Our team has put together a few simple ways you can help us to improve Battle Creek any day of the week:

Clean up

If you’re out enjoying your neighborhood, downtown Battle Creek, or the Linear Park Trail, clean up! Pick up after yourself, and if you see trash or litter on the ground, throw it out in the right can. We need to take care of things that are important to us, like our city, and that includes throwing garbage away instead of on the ground.

prepare a meal

Some community members struggle to find the time to prepare a healthy meal every day. You can help out! Prepping for a meal can take a lot of time, work, and energy, but cooking for a crowd can often be as easy as prepping for just yourself. Make a meal for your neighbor or friend, bring it over, and take one more worry off their plate.

spend time with neighbors

It’s easy to isolate ourselves inside of our houses. Try reaching out instead! Invite your neighbors over to hang out for a game night or even take a walk through your neighborhood. If you’re able to, spend time with your neighbors at one of our local shops or restaurants. By doing this, you’re creating friendships while also supporting local businesses!


Cities thrive when everyone gives back. Still, giving back doesn’t have to be the same for every person. No matter what you’re passionate about, you can use that drive to give back. Volunteering is a great way to get involved and make a difference for your friends, family, and neighbors. Contact us to learn how to get involved in our city or visit HandsOn Battle Creek to see what volunteer opportunities are available.

be kind

What’s the simplest way to improve Battle Creek? By being kind! Share a smile with every person you meet. If someone does something nice, make sure to thank them. Even holding the door open for another person sends a message that you care. These are all simple ways to help lift up the community every single day.

Our team is dedicated to improving Battle Creek through job talent and development, creating a culture of vitality, and ensuring that Battle Creek is a city where everyone can live, work, and play. Want to learn more? Visit our website to understand how we are moving Battle Creek forward.


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