Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is made up of individuals from the faith community, workforce/economic development, government, philanthropy, business, education, community residents, and BCVision Action Team representatives.

The purpose of the Steering Committee of BCVision is to support the mission of BCVision by evaluating data, identifying priorities, forging collaborations and developing a structure for all residents to have an equitable opportunity to be engaged in the work.

For more information on the current members of the Steering Committee, click here.

Advisory Team

Six volunteers from the Steering Committee make up the Advisory Team. The Advisory Team is a key leadership role to oversee the direction of the BCVision Steering Committee work. The Advisory Team works closely with the Core Support Organization to guide the day to day operations or BCVision and make recommendations to the full Steering Committee.

Core Support Organization

The purpose of the Core Support Team is to serve as a backbone organization to provide assistance with direction, management, coordination, and oversight of BCVision, especially related to the supporting infrastructure of the effort. The Battle Creek Community Foundation’s Community Initiatives Office serves as the Core Support Organization.