Our Progress

View the data we’re using to help move Battle Creek forward. Learn more about the progress of our Action Teams to support job growth, talent development, and creating a culture of vitality. This information is being updated. Please check back soon!

You can view the BCVision Core Support Organization 2017-18 Evaluation Report that was conducted by WeEval LLC by clicking here.


The BCVision Dashboard is one way we’re measuring our community as it changes. We collect data from local, state and national sources to track the progress of BCVision. The dashboard also allows us to share the work of our action teams, which ranges from implementing activities to setting goals, and collecting data to ensure those goals are evidence-based. All of this information is presented in the BCVision Dashboard below — where we not only measure against the goals of our action teams, but also share the results of BCVision activities and collaborations. This is important because it allows us to know where we started and how our work has evolved over time.

By viewing this data through an equity lens, we are able to learn how different groups are doing in Battle Creek based on race, socioeconomic status and other factors. This helps us to better understand the problems faced by our residents and target solutions to where the need is greatest.

Learn more about Jobs, Talent Development, and Culture of Vitality in the About Us section.