Giving Back to the Battle Creek Community

We love being a part of the Battle Creek community. This is a place where everyone can live, work and play. That’s thanks to the people who make up our community and the volunteers who give back.

In order to foster a culture of vitality, it’s important to have people who are passionate about giving back to the community around and want to celebrate our city.

That’s why our team put together a list of some of the best ways to give back in the Battle Creek community. Keep reading to find out about some awesome opportunities.

Offer to Help

One of the easiest ways to give back to your community is to volunteer when opportunity comes knocking. If you’re a part of an organization, club, or other group, make it a point to volunteer the next time they ask.

You can also keep an eye out on the people around you. If you see someone struggling with groceries or if a classmate needs a ride, offer to help out. That helps to spread a feeling of community among all of us in Battle Creek.

Look for Opportunities

Keep an eye out for larger opportunities in the community. Some neighborhoods may have associations that you can join. Other groups in the community focus on different cultures or interests. Find one that you like, and then start asking how you can help them out.

You can also try asking teachers, supervisors, or other role models if they know of any opportunities to give back. If you can’t find any, try hosting a food drive with your friends or coworkers. Then drop the collected items off at a local charity.

Make sure to check out our blog about the simple ways you can improve Battle Creek for more ideas. There are also a lot of local resources available to you. Check out Neighborhood Planning Councils, United Way, and BCCF if you need a good place to start.

Sign Up to Volunteer

When in doubt, you can always volunteer to give back. Depending on where you volunteer, you can commit to a one-time experience or to a recurring position.

If you’re interested in flexible volunteer work, try getting involved in our Street Team or one of our other volunteer opportunities. We’re always looking for a dedicated volunteer base to help promote a culture of vitality.

There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer in our community. Even if an organization doesn’t say that they are actively looking for volunteers, many will still gladly take your help. Try reaching out to causes that you’re passionate about. After all, when you volunteer for something you care about, you’re more likely to enjoy yourself and make a real impact.

Our team is dedicated to creating a culture of vitality in the Battle Creek community and ensuring that Battle Creek is a city where everyone can live, work, and play. Want to learn more? Visit our website to learn about how we are moving Battle Creek forward.

Several young adults place their hands together in the middle of a circle at a volunteer experience.

Volunteer Opportunities in Battle Creek

Cities thrive when everyone gives back, and giving back doesn’t have to be the same for every person. Volunteering is a great way to get involved and make a difference for your friends, family, and neighbors. There are many ways to volunteer in Battle Creek. Our team would love to help you find a cause to give back to that you’re passionate about. 

A Great Volunteer

What does a great volunteer look like? You! Yes, you! A great volunteer is someone who cares about their city and wants to make change through their own actions. These people greet each task with a smile and are enthusiastic about the work they are doing. Show up early to your assignment. If this is a reoccurring volunteer commitment, be reliable and loyal to the organization you are working with.

Finding Volunteer Opportunities

Our team is currently looking for the members for our next Street Team.  If you have a passion for Battle Creek and its people than we are looking for you! Another great resource in our city is HandsOn Battle Creek! This organization mobilizes volunteers, connects you with the right people, and provides the information needed for your next volunteering event. They help everyone in our area become connected and engaged.

Unexpected Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering not only helps Battle Creek prosper, it can also help you grow as a person and develop your own self-worth. You never know the connections you can make while volunteering; you might just meet your next employer through your volunteer activity.

By helping out, you’re also trying new activities and learning new skills. Perhaps the best benefits of volunteering are the friendships that you make along the way. Even if you’re only volunteering for a few hours each week or month, you’ll be shocked by how quickly friendships can develop.

Ready to get involved? Contact us to learn how to get involved in our city or visit HandsOn Battle Creek to see what volunteer opportunities are available.